Monday, 18 July 2011

Just checking in.

It's been 7 consecutive days of tracking my calories, and staying pretty cleanly under my goal calories (1134 a day, which I know is crazy high for a lot of you, but I'm trying to do this reasonably slowly). There was one day where I slipped up by 90 calories over because my dad bought the entire family a huge mcdonalds...
Anyway, I think my neck is starting to look a little slimmer, but I just want some results of the initial bloat to show. I know I'm a long way off losing anything substantial yet, but it'll get there, as long as I keep up exercising too, which I've been doing snippets of here and there.
Also, I'm starting to get used to the weight loss routine again; how to maximise the amount you can eat for the calories you're allowed. I'm getting used to drinking loads of water to mask hunger, and just dealing with it this rest of the time.
The thing is, next weekend, I'm going to Disneyland Paris for 3 days, then into the city for 4 days, then to Center Parcs back in the UK for 8 days with family, so there'll be 3 big meals out a day, every day, with all the trimmings and all the family there badgering.
So that's scaring me shitless.
But, being the person I am and knowing I need to chill out and work out how to control the situation, I think as long as I make a list of rules and take it with me in a notebook, like 'I can have dessert once at Disneyland, I can have pastries at breakfast once at Disneyland, don't have any ice creams/snacks in the day' etc.
I might even see if I can find something that gives the nutrition information of some Disney foods to help for those 4 days. But as for Paris itself, I have no idea what to do.
Hopefully, as least for Center Parcs I'll be able to have my laptop with me and still record on MyDailyPlate and stuff...

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