Wednesday, 12 January 2011

Ha, that was shallow and weird and inconclusive.

I mean, I hate being all wallowing and self-loathing.
I have a lovely life, but sometimes things get said that make me realise how much happier I'd be if I was skinnier.
I only have 5 hours of lectures this semester, so I'm mostly left to my own devices, alone in my room and everything.
I need to spend more time going for walks/drinking loads of water/working on my own scripts/filmwork/doing extra reading/getting seminar prep done early/doing essays super early/blogging/networkings.
And stuff like that.
And only buying 2 big bags of salad and one or two Quorn products for a week's shopping.
Probably only need one meal a day since I normally sleep like 12 hours a day while I'm at Uni...
But yeah.
Plus I don't plan on going home much this term; no need to.
There's a month between me going back to Uni and my boyfriend coming to stay, so it'd be neat for him to see a little change in me :)

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