Monday, 17 January 2011


I resisted buying any more food from Asda.
I don't feel too good; I can tell my body is trying to adjust to not being stuffed with carbs and junk all the time.
Today I had:
Tuna sandwich 310
Wotsits 95
Quorn chicken fillet 184
Salad cream 50

Total: 639

Yay :)
Although I didn't do any exercise except traipse round Asda.
Tomorrow I'm going to have soup for lunch, then cottage pie and salad for dinner.
No idea how many calories are in the soup yet, but there's 187 in the cottage pie.
So probably about 400 or so altogether?
That doesn't seem like very much :/ And not in a good way, in a bad way.
If I'm super hungry I'll have the whole cottage pie which is 374 calories altogether.
We shall see...

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