Sunday, 13 June 2010

Good morning (L)

Food wise will be:
Tuna salad (200)
Whatever is for dinner (500max)

I'm going to leave some of my carbs at dinner, or, if it's a buffet salad thing that my mum sometimes does, have NO boiled potatoes, and fill up on salad, and really count up my calories for other stuff...

Revision wise (because I have to do this now or I won't revise ever):
Get in at 2.15 latest.
Lunch, TV etc.
3pm - One hour of New Wave revision.
4-4.15 - Break
415-515 Sociology Revision
515-530 Break
530-630 Emotional Response Revision
630-645 Break
645-745 Sociology Revision
745-8 Break
8-9 Fight Club Revision
9 Glee Finale :D
10 Bed :)

One of the breaks to be replaced by dinner :)

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