Monday, 14 June 2010

Revision break.....

Tomorrow I'm off college.
Get up sort of twelve ish...
Do 2 hours revision then have some lunch.
Maybe salad again except there's no lettuce left...
Maybe actually, Quorn mince, peas and onions and tomato paste...
That's like 300cals maxmaxmax.
Then I'm going to my friend's at 6 to chill and watch some movies the night before exams kick off.
So there'll be some chips or some kind of food there.
So if I properly try to restrict myself on that I think...
That'll be 700ish max, if I try hard.

Then Wednesday, is my exam.
So I'll have a big old bowl of Cheerios (250) before I head off to college (it's a morning exam)
Then I'm going to have a big coffee (300) from Starbucks.
Then I'm going straight from college to my boyfriends pseudo-gym in his shed where I'm aiming to burn 700cals because last time I did 500.
Then I'm going home for dinner, which should be a max500 deal.
So I will have eaten like 1050max, hopefully more like 1000, but burned 700 :)

I don't have college or anything, so it'll be a full day of English and Sociology revision.
So I'm going to get up late, then have lunch...probably salad because there should be some lettuce.
Then just dinner.

No college again, but I do have dentist, and I'm going ot my mum's school to teach French for an hour.
So I'll get up at like ten, and I'm not sure what to do food wise but I'll get back to that nearer the time.
My friend's coming round to watch the Glee finale so idk about dinner either...

Saturday is the problem of the week.
We're hitting up Outback Steakhouse for a family meal.
And, I've looked, all the fucking meals are basically the same fat and calorie wise.
So I might just eat small portions of what I want, i.e chips and chicken strips (the one time every two years or w.e. I deviate from vegetarianism).
And obvs no pudding.
And no cocktails, but I'm tee-total til the 1st September anyway, so s'all good.

I think that'll work out.
I'll be back later, just chillaxing from Sociology for a bit.

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