Friday, 18 June 2010

I fucked up.

All week I've been doing relatively ok.
Ok enough to get rid of the initial food weight/bloat before real weight loss.
and yesterday I would have not eaten
Then yesterday my friend made me eat 4 full stuffed tortilla wraps. Like 1500cals at LEAST.
He literally was like 'You need to be fed'.
Spent £7.50 on food.
Then wouldn't talk to me til I'd eaten as much as him.
I know his heart's in the right place, but I feel like I've just ruined everything.
Oh wait, then I came home, flipped out and had a huge piece of cake.
Not like, us huge, like, normal people huge.
I still feel sick.
So I'm going to try and not eat until this meal tonight, when I'm going to the fucking Outback, the most calorific fucking place in the world.
So I'm just going to try and eat as little as possible.
And same trick as yesterday, wearing a slightly tight dress to remind myself I'm a fatty.

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