Sunday, 13 June 2010

Yeah today :)

I had like 1,000 cals today.
Mainly like, one meal :)
505 - panini
180 - crisps
bout 200 - cake thing.
Then half a jacket potato skin and some salad stolen from my brother's dinner :)
So around 1000 I'd say.

It feels good to have one day where I haven't fucked up.
It's made me feel stronger and ready to kick some ass before my holiday/london shopping trip :D
Tomorrow, no breakfast.
Um, tuna salad, with 200cals tuna, then a shitton of veggies, like lettuce, sweetcorn, cucumber. Maybe some onion :)
Then LOTS of revision.
Then dinner, max 500.
Max 800cals for the day...

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