Wednesday, 16 June 2010

Time for some maths :)

So, I didn't do 1000 at the gym thing, there's no air con and I couldn't sweat or breathe or live, basically, so I did 600 in there, plus like a 20 minute walk before.
Plus my normal walkity-walks, that's like 900 burned today.
And an intake of 1400ish.
Wow, that sounds so shit.
So an intake-output of 500.
Meh, I need to stp making excuses and being complacent and DO something :)
Tomorrow, get up late again, je pense.
Have lunch of mince, onion, gravy powder, tomato paste and peas again, because it's YUMMY!
And say that's like 300.
NO CHEESE ON THE MINCE FATTY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Then I think it's tuna pasta bake for dinner :/
Which is about 600, I'd say.
So if I eat most but not all, because I won't be doing anyexercise because I'll be cooped up all day revising.
So 900 or so cals should be fine, well less because I won't eat all of either meal, because it's LOADS.
I'm so hungry :'(
I might eat something...
Je ne sais pas...
Not sure when I'm next getting to exercise either.
Not back at college til Monday.
Might jump on the WiiFit during my 15 minute breaks...
Do a few quick activites.
To try and fit some exercise it everyday :)
Yeahhhh :)

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