Monday, 15 March 2010


Venti Caramal Macchiato: 300cals
Salad: 58cals
Noodle and Quorn Chicken Stir Fry: 492cals.
Total: 850.
Kinda disgusting, not so bad :)
Can do better.
Had a row tonight with my boyfriend; we're probably breaking up in September, so I need to show him what he's going to miss...
I love him so much, it's going to be so hard to let him go, but neither of us are very happy, it's just easier for us to break up in September.
I just want compliments, is all, and he admittedly never gives them.
It hurts.
He calls me fat. It's not his fault I'm doing this, I'm just saying.
This time round, WILL be positive and not crazy and depressive, but any reason is a good enough reason for me.
I'm going to add a list of reasons in the sidebar, I think.

Oh, and plan tomorrow:
Breakfast: 228cals of cereal.
LOTS of water.
Then, nothing in the day because I might be getting dinner with my boyfriend. God help me.
So yeah, leave a bit of space for that :)


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