Friday, 12 March 2010


Ended today on about 1,050cals.
What the fuck.
Why do I keep on caving in?
For fuck's sake.
I ended up eating cake at home, and then like, 200cals of chips at work.
Stupid body.
It went well for the first 2 hours; every time I thought of food, I drank a mug of water, but then I caved.
I learned I need to eat regularly or I will binge.
So, plan for tomorrow:
Nequik: 228cals.
Salad at lunch: 75ish
Soup at dinner: 200.
Total of like, 503 haha
And drink a LOT of water through the day. It'll be hard because work is busy, but I'll try...


  1. Maybe try something other than water to fill you up? I know obviously it's 0 calories and you need to keep hydrated as well, but I could never do a water fast. But I can pretty easily get through a day with no food with coffee, tea, low cal hot chocolates, other hot drinks etc. Option hot chocolate is amazing and only 37 calories per sachet! Just think, for 500 cals you could drink 13 of those!? If you keep yourself full on those you don't get hungry.

    Also I find coffee tastes pretty gross after a while and kills my appetite...

    Elle x

    p.s. how do you manage working in a restaurant? I used to eat so much crap as a waitress...chips constantly!

  2. omgomg yes like i guess the seratonin levels in the brain get higher when you feel happy so my fucked up eating disorder brain is liek "what seratonin must get more" and i eat sugary foods to keep happy i guess maybe?
    its so dumb.

    ps, i love the 6 things you've learned thingy on the sidebar thing.
    i learned those too, now if only i could put them to use.....