Sunday, 21 March 2010

Little bit of Maths.

So, there are 4 months (and a week)
Til I go on holiday, which is when I want to be at my lowest, especially since I'm going to New York and the East Coast and there is no way I'm passing up American Starbucks/Subway/whatever else :)
4 months.
Say I'm 160 pounds, rounding down 2 pounds.
I want to be 110-120
So I have to lose a minimum of 40 pounds.
That 10 pounds a month.
That's 2 pounds a week!
That's SO doable.

I read that 10lbs is a dress size also...
Though I don't think it is.
But say it is...
I'm a size 12-14 (US8-10)
I want to be a size 6-8 (US2-4)
So that's 3 dress sizes.
That's 30lbs.
Somehow I don't think 130lbs matches that size, but whatever.
I'm feeling positive.

I also need to up my exercise...but how? :/

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