Monday, 15 March 2010

Weighed myself...

I was 162lbs. Which, yes, is disgusting and about 60lbs from where I'd like to be...
The scales came up as 159 first, so I weighed a few more times until I got the same result 3 times in a row.
For anyone who followed my old blog, at my lightest, when I was doing best, I was 157, then I gave up.
So I've put on 5lbs in 6 months. That sounded ok til I literally just realised that's nearly half a fucking stone. Ew.
Today I've had a venti macchiato from Starbucks (I'll continue to have this once a week - sorry, bbut hey.) And I'm going to have salad (75ish) for lunch in abit, then stir fry for dinner.
So, DailyPlate said 1,218cals a day will burn me 3lbs a week...
So there are 18 weeks and 2 days til I go on holiday...I'd like to be about 110lbsish...120 max.
Obviously I'll have to up the ante as I go on, but for now, max 900 a day, less if possible I think.
My first short term goal is going to be to be 153 or less by Easter Monday, which is 3 weeks away exactly. Both that Monday and the Monday after are going to be big binge days with my friend, but the rest of both of those weeks' will be serious restricting.
I'll report back later with cals and shit.

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