Saturday, 20 March 2010

Nearly did it :)

Had 300cals of cheesey chips when I got in :'(
I made a HUGE bowl, but drank loads of water/diet lemonade, and luckily my Boyfriend ate most of them :)
So total of like, 600max.
And burned LOADS at work.
We worked out we burn around 1,500cals on a 9.5hour shift :) If not more.
I mean, 1/2 hour of walking burns 150cals, and we do that for the whole time.
But anyway.
Definite deficit.
I like it.
Plan for tomorrow:
Cereal (178)
LOTS of water
Dinner - turkey quorn thing (195) potatoes (250ish?...just like, 5 small roast potatoes...)
According to DailyPlate, four is 90cals...weird :/
So, 5 I'll say 150?
Just to be sure.
And some veg, like, 20cals worth.
Total max of:
523cals :)

Then Monday:
Nothing til after weigh-in.
Then salad.
Then dinner.

Repeat throughout week.
I'm feeling focused.
I felt focused today.
The only fault is to remember hunger makes weird excuses for you to eat, it justifies bad food, it lies to you.
Must remember to learn to ignore hunger.

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