Friday, 12 March 2010

Plan for todayyyy

Have lunch.
There are NO potatoes, NO tuna, wtf mum.
It's shopping day, so there's like, nothing.
I'm going to have a cheese toastie for lunch (please don't stop talking to me you guys!) (500ish)
Then work, where I'll burn off a loadddd, and then I'll have some soup when I come in; (200ish)
And the walk to the train station burns like 300cals :)
So a good day, I should hope.
Just won't snack on any shit at work...
I hope.
So yes, let's have a good day you guyssss

1 comment:

  1. Lol no one will stop talking to you for having a cheese toastie. It's your life, you do things the way you want. I wish I could go to work. I'm stuck in the house with my Mum ensuring I eat 3 meals...:(

    Good luck today! x