Thursday, 11 March 2010

If it was easy, everyone would do it.

Walked round clothes shops with my friends today, neither of them wanted to go; but I looked in every single shop and decided what to buy when I'm thinner. :)
I resisted buying a Subway sandwich.
I did cave when offered Mini Hobnobs, sorry.
Nesquik (250)
Crisps (93)
Hobnobs (121)

Dinner will be like 400/500 because it's a massive fucking lasagne.
But I'm only having one piece. I'm going to.
I'm going to try.
Drink a lot of water, I guess; only had like, 1.65L so far today :/
Got a singing lesson 7-8 so I'll take another 0.75L there, drink it all.
And drink 0.45L at dinner.
I'm loving drinking all this water.
Need to remember to drink loads at work too though, because it gets busy and we don't get to drink anything. :/
Going to catch up on you guys now

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