Tuesday, 16 March 2010

Made a massive booboo today.

Completely by accident, I went to lunch with this girl, and started to panic because there was nothing I could eat and this girl was like, 'let's get baguettes!', and I couldn't lie fast enough.
But then I saw this tuna wrap thing, so I bought it in a tizzy, and ate it.
Turns out, there's 402 calories in it :/
I would have fared better to buy a freaking sandwich!
There's 22 TWENTYTWO fucking grams of fat. What the hell!
Cereal: 228cals
Lard Wrap: 402cals
Soup for dinner: like, 160, but liquids at least.
So total of like: 790
Not great, but I did make a rookie mistake, eating without thinking.
Better luck tomorrow.
I'ma catch up with you guys now :)

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