Sunday, 14 March 2010

positive vibes, positive vibes, positive vibes.

I did good today. Resisted most temptation - my boyfriend bought me a hash brown (130) this morning, so I ate that.
Then I got home at about 5, and ate about 50cals of a cookie my brother had left out.
Then for dinner I had:
Quorn fillet thing (195)
4 small small small Steamed potatoes (DailyPlate reckons 29.25, so 30) :)
Half a sweetcorn cob (60.5, so, 60)

So a total of...465cals.
I felt like I was having a really good day today.
Ran around a lot at work - I LOVE my job.

I just re-found my DailyPlate account. Woohoo!
I put in I wanted to lose 4 pounds a week, but they reckon that's 'dangerous'. Boo you DailyPlate.
But 3 pounds a week requires 1,218cals. So I need to eat like, abit less than that. And do more exercise than I put in there.

Weighing in tomorrow. Shitting myself. Unfortunately, not literally. That might help the numbers abit. Sorry :)
I'll have one glass of water in the morning before college, because it'll have 'passed' before I weigh myself.
Anyway, nothing tomorrow until I've weighed in (bout 2.15) then I'm making myself a salad (Like 100?)
Might have soup for dinner, might have real dinner, I'm not sure...
We shall see, and I shall report back.

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