Tuesday, 20 April 2010


Today, I had 585 calories.
THEN 200 calories.
So, 785 cals altogether.
I shall proceed with the story.
By story, it's really an excuse
I had cereal (178)
Then I had a panini (407)
Then it was like, 3.30pm and I stopped.
Then I went to the cinema.
And my friend bought me a whole tub of sweets without me knowing. All to myself.
I ate some, then stopped.
I NEVER eat a few of something then stop.
It's always all or nothing.
But I did.
Weird :/
So I'm kinda happy about that. But not too happy about my intake. At all.
So I have resolved.
No more chocolate til holiday.
Though tbh I'll probably forget about this and eat some.
But I'll try and remember.
Plan for tomorrow...
Cereal, and dinner.
Busy from 10.45 til 6.30, although an hour of that is a rehearsal in a coffee shop :/
But yeah, I'll try.
I'ma catch up with all you guys then revise some hamlet for a test tomorrow.
Yup, priorities :/


  1. good luck tomorrow hun.
    don't fret about today - tomorrow is a fresh start.
    i know the bullshit marketing given to the public just leaves everyone confused and overweight - annoying!
    think thin. xoxxxx

  2. I have a hard time with starting and stopping as well. i always do the all or nothing. So kudos on that!