Friday, 23 April 2010


I'm feeling will be a good'un :D
I only just got's nearly 1pm :/
I got on the WiiFit thing, my BMI is now 27.29, so it's gone down by like 0.44 or something like that.
And I've lost 3lbs, and that's with period weight :)
so I'm 163lbs now.
I'd like to be 159lbs by next Friday, I think it's a pretty realistic goal if I don't mess up too bad.
So although I've lost 8lbs so far, I'm not too excited because obviously weight comes off real quick at first.
But yeah, I'm feeling good.
I'm going to eat my soup kinda soon (240)
But first I'm going to do some WiiFit'ting.
It's so fun :/
And then after lunch I'm going to sit in the garden and play with my sister's rabbit and annotate my copy of Hamlet :)
Think thin.

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