Friday, 16 April 2010


I've spent the last few hours planning tomorrow.
I'm going to:
Go to work - don't eat before, and I finish at 2.
Buy a black coffee and wander round the shops for an hour or so after, look at all the size 6s and dream :)
Get train home, walk from the train station, distract myself from tediously long walk by texting anyone and everyone, just to make nice chitchat :D
Have a cuppasoup (35 I think)
About 15 mins after, have chewing gum or clean teeth.
Oh, buy some chewing gum at some point.
Do coursework all afternoon, or read blogs if I procrastinate, which I probably will.
Go on the Wii at some point between coursework.blogs, get BMI/SW/everything.
Have chips for tea, can't really get out of this one :/ (400 or so)
Have sex with the boyfriend (sorry to be blunt, but he had a little strop because we didn't do it tonight, so tomorrow it will go down...ah, punny.)

That reminds me, must have more sex = more burned off calories.
Looking forwarddddd to tomorrow :D

1 comment:

  1. sounds like a good plan! distract him with sex as soon as you get the chips so they go cold!! good luck. think thin. xoxxx