Monday, 19 April 2010

So far, so good.

So far had 178 for breakfast.
Then 1.25L of water.
Nearlyfucked up, when my friend wanted to go get some food,but I was adament I had to catch my train. I was sososo hungry.
I hope I can keep up that kind of willpower.
The vowels on my keyboard sem to be breaking as I type, so sorry for any illiteracy.
Today is the third day, which means, nearly over th 3 day hump. Giving up or making any sacrificial changes to your lifestyle apparently get easier after the 3 day hump because that's when your body gets used to it, or something.
So, woohoo.
Got Quorn chicken stir fry for dinner. No idea how many calories, but it'll be less than 500, so I'll say 500 :)

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