Friday, 30 April 2010

Goals and a positive attitude :)

So, I got a sec to post, so I've thought of some goals.
1) In 12.5 weeks I'm going on holiday, I'd like to weigh 9st, which is 126lbs. Which, should be alright, it's a VERY achievable goal :)
I don't know why I numbered it, that's the only goal...
I'm just trying to look forward to losing like, 35lbs :)
Or trying to :)
I got to TRY MY BEST
And stop giving up.
And do good.
And stop getting angry with myself if I do fuck up, because that's how things become self-destructive.
It's so much easier if you stay happy, and positive, and motivate yourself.
I think.
Let's go!
Peace :)

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