Wednesday, 21 April 2010


I just feel fail-y.
I don't know why.
Everytime I eat I just feel like I didn't need to.
I don't knowwww...
I feel like a crazy :/
I just want this whole thing to happen.
I don't think I'll break.
I think this time is going to be the ONE time.
I'm kinda excited.
I just need to really really try.

Plan for tomorrow:
Apple (80)
Some dinner mince scone thing my mum's making, probly like 600 or something

Although, I had a really lovely conversation with my boyfriend today.
I don't meaningfully say it enough, but I really do love him.
It's going to suck moving away from him in September.

On the other hand, by September, I could be like 120lbs...
Let's hope.
Peace you guys.
I don't feel so frustrated anymore :)

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