Saturday, 17 April 2010

I hate you, WiiFit,

I KNOW I'm 11 stone 7, Wii Fit, so don't even try telling me in 12, 3 :/
At least I have more to lose, now...
So it'll be easier.
My BMI is apparently 28.5 or something, and I have to lose 1 stone 3 for it to be 'healthy' :/
So, that's actually just 7 lbs.
Anyway, I'll play by your crappy rules, Wii Fit, and ignore numbers and do BMI.
Hopefully I'll see a big drop soon.

I'm having a cuppasoup for dinner, 35 cals, because my whole family are having pizza :/
Yay for very unfilling cuppasoup...

Plan for tomorrow...
Cereal, 178 cals.
Dinner, um, like 300 if I ask for no potatoes.
Thismay change, I shall report back.
Then it's back to college, oh Lord.

1 comment:

  1. good going on the cuppa soup hun. keep strong. think thin. xoxxx