Friday, 16 April 2010

The fat angels are blessing me already.

With an idea:
Instead of weighing on scales, I'm going to do my BMI on the WiiFit, because, we all know it's a bit shit, so, any numbers will be kind of irrelevant, but I'll STILL know if I'm going up or down. See?
Huh, huh :D
I'm going to give myself some kind of reward for each 0.5 I go down.
There are 15 weeks til I go on holiday, and 3lbs each week would be a nice amount.
Even though I still won't be an ideal weight, I'll be a damn sight better than now.
Let's say I'm 161lbs now.
And I lose 40 lbs.
That's 121lbs.
So my BMI would be...
bang on 20, according to the NHS site.
I'd like it to eventually be about 17.
But for holiday 20 will be fine.

Right now it's 27.6 according to NHS but obvs this will be different on the Wii.
I don't know how easily it goes up or down, be fun to find out.
Not sure what the treats will be either, got no money...
Let's think it over.

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