Saturday, 24 April 2010

Two things.

1) I'm starting to see those tiny changes you get in the first few weeks of dieting after not dieting for so long. Just tiny things, like somehing being slightly looser. It's lovely but is does fool you into thinking it's easier to diet, when in a few weeks it'll be all about the plateaus. I can't spell today. I feel like shit. I got knocked out yesterday and I feel like I'm probably having a brain haemorrage. Oh well. I told my mum 'at least you won't have to pay my uni fees'. She agreed. I love my mum :) She's probably the funniest person I know.
2) I've decided, since I'm doing this by BMI points, I'm going to reward myself every time I go down a point. That makes for few rewards, and since I'm a poor student, that's good. I think I went down like 1.17points this week. So yeah, it's doable, I guess :)

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