Sunday, 18 April 2010

Stay strong.

I will NOT eat the brownie pudding my mum got.
Oh, for the positive...I WILL make myself a hot chocolate at 10 :)
Because it's only 35 calories.
Today I've had a total of 642cals according to Daily Plate.
So an improvement from yesterday, which is nice.
I had a banana for breakfast (60)
Then at work I had a Quorn sausage (48), but, when all the macaroni cheese and potatoes came out I busied myself cleaning and didn't eat ANY. No carb binge, woohoo :D
Then my mum came into work and bought me lunch, which I didn't want. So that was tuna salad which was (100) (Tuna salad is a huge overstatement, there's about one tuna flake on it :/)
And my boyfriend cooked me a roll, which I also didn't want, so that's (110)
Then for dinner I had Quorn (195), 3 tiny roast potatoes (70) and sweetcorn (60)
So yeah.
I'm actually having a tiny, and I mean real tiny, not even my kind of tiny, but MINISCULE piece of pudding, which is a bit of a fail, but the pressure's on and I'm scared of my mum getting stressed at me. So no hot chocolate, but a weeny bit of pudding, like (100). That's how small. 100 cals of brownie pudding. This betterbe some REAL good pudding.

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  1. stay strong hun :) doing good. think thin. xo