Sunday, 30 May 2010

Bad day but no binge.

Had a bowl of cereal for breakfast.
Then my mum bought me a tuna baguette from work and waited at work with me to eat it :/
But I avoided crisps and cakes and shit.
Although I did make my own coffee from work and forgot to do it with skimmed milk til after I'd done it :/
Then dinner I had a bunch of Quorn and salad, probably like 450cals.
So probably like 1200cals today.
This seems to be an ongoing thing.
It's kinda bad.
I should be doing like 800 at most :/
I know I can.
Going into London tomorrow for a day out, so it could turn bad.
Then Tuesday I'm at a barbecue
Wednesday I'm getting pizza in with a friend.
Thursday barbecue.
Friday I'm getting tattooed so nothing bad should happen eating wise there :/
I'm going to have to be some strong mother fucking bitch.

On the upside writing this has stopped me wanting pudding :D

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