Thursday, 20 May 2010

One meal. 600 calories.

Tinned Spaghetti: 260
Toast: 200
Cheese: 140
Total 600.
Then some wine later, but not much.

I wish I didn't like t have cheese with EVERYTHING!
It's times like this I'm glad my mum never let me have full fat fizzy.
No kidding, the first time I had a non diet fizzy drink was when I was 15.
And I HATED it.
I HATE normal coke or pepsi SO much.
It tastes just like syrup, it's sickly.
And I was never allowed McDonalds or anything for lunch, it was always a sandwich or soup, and I wasn't allowed chocolate hardly ever.
In a way I think that contributed to the binging, but overall, I'd be SO much fatter and harder to kick these habits if she hadn't...
I love my mumma so much :)

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