Wednesday, 19 May 2010

Oh, tempted by lasagne.

Maybe if I hadn't had like 700cals of biscuits today, I could have some.
Sadly, I've had like 900-1000cals today, and I do NOT want to make that 2000, so I won't be eating lasagne.
I might bunk Sociology tomorrow and come home and eat it for lunch, because I'm drinking after.
So tomorrow will probably be another 1000cal day, but that's not too bad.
Just enough to keep metabolism up, but not so much I hate myself.
Life feels like it's starting to come together:
I have a job interview Friday at 11 (another reason I can't get too drunk tomorrow, and I won't, I'm good at acting drunk), so a better job is hopefully starting to come together.
I've started revision and I'm not shitting myself, so school is starting to come together.
Apart from coming on my period today and being hurting and bloating, I'm starting to feel slimmer, so I feel my weight is marginally and very slowly starting to come together.
I just can't be getting complacent :)

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