Saturday, 15 May 2010

Hundreth post. Sadly it is not a successful one.

So yesterday was good.
I had 200cals of cereal
Then one piece of bread (100)
Then 3 Quorn sausages (171)
Sooo...471 for the day, alright :)
Sadly, today began well (200cals for cereal)
Then we went out for dinner, my family picked me up from work to take me out :/
I had burger, chips and ice cream.
So around 1500 for the day.
And considering how busy we were at work, and how much i sweated, it wasnt a complete fail.
But not according to plan.
Tomorrow will be better.
Cereal (200)
Then something Quorny.
My family are away and I'm seeing a friend, who's also a vegetarian, so that'll be nice :)

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