Wednesday, 26 May 2010

Running so late.

I could really go for a super long deep post, but I literally have 7 minutes to blog and catch up, normally I have like 20.
Yes, there is a section in my morning routine dedicated just to blogs.

I forgot to put mosturiser on my face this morning and now it's itchy :(

Eaten a HUGE bowl of cereal, because it's maybe all I'll eat today.
I hope so.
I hope I'll be too busy to eat.
Um, blah blah blah, I don't have enough water so I'll have to buy some which means walking by food.
Can do that.

Started a daily to do list.
Hopefully it helps me actually do stuff except lounging around.

Oh yeah.
I binged on 3 crackers, 3 Quorn sausages and a bit of cheese last night at like 11.30.
Why!? :/
My mum had cheese and I was like, me please?
Oh well.

And I'm all bloaty and wearing a man's shirt so I look awful :)

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